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2007-04-25, - May 4th at Lucky Bar!!!!! One Drop will be up to something with friends from Calgary Bogart!!! come check out the ridiculous times. oh yeah, we recorded a new song for the Desmond Dekker tribute compilation (Sept 2007) being put out by Bacteria Buffet Records. Will be playing Skafest this year for the fifth time in a row with friends Rebel Spell...shitballs we gettin old and we still suck.

2007-02-15, - Home safe...(ish) One Drop and all our gear is back in Victown after an epic adventure in America. We are having a homecoming freakout Saturday February 24th at Sugar with Faty Maty and The Yellowbelts, Cambridge and Lose Tooth from Vancouver. Come down to the show and watch footage and hear stories from the tour. Check out photos from tour in the Photos section

2006-09-09, - New Album Online! Our new album "To Hell In A Band Casket" is now available online on our website. You can listen to the whole thing for free, or download it for only $5. You can also purchase it in Victoria at Ditch Records and Lyle's Place. We are currently working on mail order and other distibution options. We'll keep you posted.

2006-06-14, - NEW ALBUM - We've set a firm release date for our new album. It will be out on August 4th 2006. We will be releasing it at our CD release show at Sugar nightclub in Victoria. It's going to be nuts. There are a couple new tracks and some ridiculous jams/live recordings in the audio section.

2006-06-04, - Thanks to all the kids who came to the One Drop and Kilgore Trout all ages show in North Van. Also to Bastard and the Cambridge boys for letting us crash and letting Brandon build and destroy his beer pyramid.

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