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2019-05-15, - Reunion 2019 - One Drop is reuniting for Victoria's 20th Annual Victoria Ska and Reggae Festival. We will be playing June 22 2019 at Ship Point in the Inner Harbour as direct support for Less Than Jake!

2009-06-19, - One Drop Reunion - One Show Only with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and The Voodoo Glow Skulls

Hey Slashers, We're stoked to announce that One Drop will be re-uniting for one show only, the finale concert of Victoria's 10th Anniversary Ska Festival.

We'll be opening for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and The Voodoo Glow Skulls! The Hoochy Girls will also be re-uniting for this historic occasion.

More info and tickets at www.victoriaskafest.ca

2009-02-12, - Many of the members of One Drop have re-surfaced in a new band "The Hillside Hooligans" It's Brandon, Bob, Nev and Shane from One Drop with James from the Brave New Waves on Bass. We've got a facebook group here and a show coming up at the Cambie in Esquimalt with Chase Long Beach from california March 7th.

2008-01-19, - One Drop's Final Show/Album Well my friends, after 6 years, One Drop is finally disbanding. Nathan is moving to vancouver, and on to other things and without him, it wouldn't be One Drop, the rest of us are going to take some time to regroup and figure ourselves out.
We've just finnished our final album, it's a 5 song EP, tentatively called "Rough it up" which is avaiable now to listen for free, in the audio section. We'll be throwing down one last time, January 26th at Sugar Nightclub in victoria. I hope you can join us. Also on the bill are The Rebel Spell, Arbutus Trio and Brave New Waves. Tickets are $12 adv. at The Jamaican Jerkhouse, Ditch Records, Backstage Pass, and Lyle's place. An advance copy of the CD is now available at ditch records, and Backstage Pass in Victoria. If you get the advance copy, you can exchange it for a final version at the show on the 26th.

2007-10-22, - Halloween Party! One Drop will be playing an epic rural Halloween party near Durrance Like in Victoria this Saturday the 27th. Tickets are $10 at lyle's place.

Zip lines, full bar, carnival games. It'll be the event of the season.

Ticket Info
There are still a few tickets left at Lyle's place, or you can get them at the door for $12.

*Shuttle Info*
There will be a shuttle running between the north end of the wal-mart parking lot (by the garden centre) and the party non-stop from 8pm until whenever the party is over and everyone has gotten a back. Shuttle costs $5 each way.
If you are driving the party can be found at 400 Durrance Close

2007-04-25, - May 4th at Lucky Bar!!!!! One Drop will be up to something with friends from Calgary Bogart!!! come check out the ridiculous times. oh yeah, we recorded a new song for the Desmond Dekker tribute compilation (Sept 2007) being put out by Bacteria Buffet Records. Will be playing Skafest this year for the fifth time in a row with friends Rebel Spell...shitballs we gettin old and we still suck.

2007-02-15, - Home safe...(ish) One Drop and all our gear is back in Victown after an epic adventure in America. We are having a homecoming freakout Saturday February 24th at Sugar with Faty Maty and The Yellowbelts, Cambridge and Lose Tooth from Vancouver. Come down to the show and watch footage and hear stories from the tour. Check out photos from tour in the Photos section

2006-09-09, - New Album Online! Our new album "To Hell In A Band Casket" is now available online on our website. You can listen to the whole thing for free, or download it for only $5. You can also purchase it in Victoria at Ditch Records and Lyle's Place. We are currently working on mail order and other distibution options. We'll keep you posted.

2006-06-14, - NEW ALBUM - We've set a firm release date for our new album. It will be out on August 4th 2006. We will be releasing it at our CD release show at Sugar nightclub in Victoria. It's going to be nuts. There are a couple new tracks and some ridiculous jams/live recordings in the audio section.

2006-06-04, - Thanks to all the kids who came to the One Drop and Kilgore Trout all ages show in North Van. Also to Bastard and the Cambridge boys for letting us crash and letting Brandon build and destroy his beer pyramid.

2006-04-18, - We're at our studio, It's one o clock in the morning, we're about to take over the world. Stay tuned.

2005-11-15, - Howdy ho peoples...kick ass show this thursday NOv 17th at Logan's!!! Bands are Grey Army, Vancouver's Side Sixty Seven and finishing up their US/Canada tour The Rebel Spell. Don't be a wanker and get yur ass down to the punk show.

2005-09-12, - We're taking a break from shows for a while so that we can concentrate on recording and writing, and so that the littlest hobo can roam for a bit. We've got 4 songs mostly recorded and we've got about 3 more in various stages of recording and a whole slew more just waiting to get started. The plan is to have a new album out early in 2006. When we get some songs closer to completion we'll get 'em up here.

2005-07-18, - Yo we got a myspace account, nothing fancy, some blog shit or something. Giv'er a whirl if you're bored.

Check me out!

2005-07-05, - New Music - Go to Audio, and then to "Jams" and lisent to D&B dub. You shall not be dissapointed.

2005-05-16, - We're back online. The Hard drive on our server melted itself and so we were gone for a few days, but we're back. I'm working to get all our audio and jams back online. THey should be back within a week or so. Other than that, we're busy writing and recording new tunes. We're taking a break form shows for alittle while to get some new material together, we'll be back with new tunes in about a month and a half.

2005-04-05, - "Ain't no body come cram like us. So many crammies up in this bus." Gord no longer has a sliding door, but our cramtastic 4 day tour of Vancouver, Kelowna, Golden and Nelson was a huge success. Thanks to everyone that came out and made this tour so amazing. And very special thanks to our faithful van Gord for again defying all odds and hauling us safely across BC. In Gord we trust.

2005-03-02, - *Leave The Mansion Now Charity Bash* Here is the info for the people who want to get boozy on Saturday (March 5th); the address is 1322 Rockland Ave and it's called the Royal Manor. 10 bux gets you in and a CANNED GOOD gets you a free drink. ONE DROP will be playing along with DJ ANGER and probably start around 9:00pm. Profits are going to three local charities; Victoria Hospice, Open Door and Mustard Seed. Drinks are 3 bux (retarted victoria laws) unless BOB and LEAHY take over the bar. Looking forward to seeing ya there. Big Ups *BCLS*

2005-01-05, - You can now buy a physical copy of our self-titled album online at InterPunk

2004-12-13, - ONE DROP is at Steamers Pub this Friday December 17th. Opening act is Liam Quinn with some sick melodies for ya dumbo flaps. Saturday the 18th the ONE DROP fella's are in Vancouver with LOS FURIOS at the Railway club. Congrats to THE GREY ARMY for winning the battle of the bands at lucky and respect to the T*G*C (Tillicum Gentlemen's Club).

2004-10-19, - SATURDAY OCTOBER 23rd, 8 Bands on 2 stages playing over 4 hours of non stop music. Tickets available at Ditch Records and Lyles Place on October 8th for $9 or $10 at the door. Bands are: The End, THE WPP, Che Chapter 127, ONE DROP, The McGillicuddys, The Rampant, A Stellar Collapse, Kinda Like Fred. *Support local All Ages Shows*!!!! Also the band is heading to the gulf islands October 29th and 30th. (Salt Spring and Lasquiti Island)

2004-09-25, - ONE DROP playing at LEGENDS on Tuesday the 28th of September with New York's the TOASTERS. 14 bux ahead of time or 15 at the door. Brought to you by Mr. Dane and Enigmatica Entertainment!!!!!

2004-09-09, - We're back. We aere down for more than a week but now we are back with a new website on a better server. Enjoy.

2004-08-17, - ONE DROP CD RELEASE SHOW!! Steamers Pub Saturday August 28th with local dudes Better Rhetoric. Six bux at the door or ten bux for admission and a CD.

2004-08-09, - Teaser Trailer for the Upcoming One Drop Movie You can now download a teaser trailer for "Guts and Blood: The One Drop Story" by Bryan Green and VTGS Productions The movie is availabe in two formats: DIVX and Quicktime formats. (Click the link of the format you want to watch the video.) To play the DivX version of the video you will need a DivX Player. You can get a free one: here

2004-07-18, - Big thanks and congrats to the Ska Festival for another successful year of kick ass music. Big ups to the people who came to the Steamers show with Soul Captives, Operators and Uprite Dub!!!! One Drop is on the road again for a quick 4 day stint around BC ( Salt Spring, Vancouver & Kelowna ).

2004-07-14, - Get down to Steamers early this Friday for One Drop(locals), Soul Captives(San Fran)and The Operators (Edmonton) for the 5th Annual Ska Fest show. It's going to sell out fast. No advance tickets only at the door.

2004-07-13, - I just added some photos from Jazzfest to the photos section. They were taken by Nathan of IdeaSpark

2004-05-18, - Today I added a section to the site to showcase some of the jams we've been recording at out jamspace. Just go to the audio section. And follow the link to the jams section. There is some funny stuff in there.

2004-04-18, - New photos from tour finally up!

2004-04-08, - We've now got CDs in a few stores. In Victoria you can get the CD at: Ditch Records, Lyles Place or Boomtown. In Vancouver the CD is avaialble at Zulu. To all those who tried to get the CD at ditch in Victoria and found it sold out, the stocks have been refreshed.

2004-03-24, - ***WANTED*** WE WANT YOUR PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone has any pictures of shows, parties or anything involved with OneDrop we want to put it on our website!!! Email your pictures to brandon@livevictoria.com topic: ODC PICS and we will fire it up post haste!

2004-03-23, - Well Slashers, California fell through. We're all pretty dissapointed about this, especially since we had another opportunity to play with the extremely talented Chris Murray. A show fell through down south and finacial reality took hold and caused us to end our trip a bit early. It has once again come to an end, the parties were fantastic, the people were awsome, the booze flowed like wine, and the flailing was intense. It's awsome to be back home though, and seeing green grass and smelling spring instead of dreary wastelands of brown is very refreashing. Make sure you come out and welcome us home this Saturday (the 27th) at Steamers. We are playing with the always on point Los Furios Sound System!!!!! Cover is $8 for the first 200 and $10 for the rest so get there early and spend that extra $2 on booze! Its good to be home!!!!!!!

2004-03-04, - Woah we're wasted!!

2004-02-28, - Gorgeous Gord The Ford is packin new shocks, brakes and finally has interior lighting. We are rollin out ladies and gents, be ready if we are coming through your town. Its gonna be a wicked tour! We'll be back in Victown on March 27th with Los Furios at Steamers Pub, admission is $8 for the first 200 people $10 after, doors at 9pm See you slashers then!

2004-02-23, - Pictures are up from our show on February 20th at Lucky Bar, it may take a second or two to load as the files are quite large. It was a fucking blast, Better Rhetoric kicked ass and the Prof joined em on stage for a few tunes, while the Mayor was off shmoozin with the croud.

2004-02-10, - New website, Graphics by the talented Claire Wood. Also, the entire new album can be listened to in the audio section. If like what you hear you can buy and download individual tracks or the entire album. Enjoy.

2004-01-31, - The Album is Done! It'll be pressed just in time for our tour. It'll be up on this site in a downloadable form soon.

2003-07-30, - Ska Fest was a wicked three days of great music and great parties. Thanks to all the promoters and all the people who contributed to the success of this years bash. The final show at the curling club was absolutely mind blowing!! The Aggrolites rocked the stage after One Drop and were followed by fantastic performances by Chris Murray and The Kingpins. The Slackers finished off the night with an unbelievable performance that left the crowd wanting more. CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2003-06-25, - One Drop is the opening band at the final show of Victoria's Ska Fest, July 19th at the Victoria Curling club. Headlining the show are THE SLACKERS, THE KINGPINS, CHRIS MURRAY, and THE AGGROLITES. You're all in for one hell of a good time!!!!!! There is a beer garden for those of us who are over the age of ninteen and can prove it with 2 peices of identification..... or those of you who are very sneaky ; ). Hope to see all you Gut Slashers there and with bells on!!!!!

2003-06-11, - Brandon and Nev got baked and messed around with the Bios. Check it out for a cheap thrill.

2003-05-12, - One Drop is back and sooooo stoked to be back in Victown!!! The tour kicked ass eventhough we are poor as hell. Thanks again to everyone who made this tour possible and all the peeps who let our crew of nine crash at there place...MUCH RESPECT! One Drop is about to hit the studio to record their first record and planning for their second tour across Canada for late August. Photos of the tour will be up soon. later Slashers.

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