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The Mayor
The Mayor
Vocals, Baritone Sax, The Mayor, 1/2 of Bad & Attitude

Born and raised in Victoria The Westside Gringo is setting his sights on bringing down the current corrupt political system which stands corrupt, unjust, and is a financial burden to the people of the country. The excessive, lavish lifestyles of political identities and government officials must come to an end. His campaign for Mayor of Victoria is almost ready to be brought into the public eye, pending political contributions by several independant busineses, and ongoing education. More Info...

After escaping the prairies from what could have been the worst life ever, the hobo made it to the city of permanent bum-outs. Now plays in a band with permanent bum-outs. More Info...
Bobby The Beast
Bobby The Beast

..and the rivers did flow with the blood of the unbelievers... More Info...
The Professor
The Professor
Alto Sax

The (stoned)Professor joined in the summer of 2002 after numerous (stoned)side projects since the 2000 break up of Dave, (stoned)Brandon and Nev's previous band, Tripwyre. The Professor runs the PA, the website and is most likeley to be (stoned)baked on stage. He is the most learned (stoned) in musical theory and helps us (stoned)uneducated bastards get through some of the more tricky (stoned)chord arrangements. More Info...
SmaSh ShiT

When where who? And how the fuck did this happen.
Why Is This that? and when did where go wrong? When did wrong go right?
How did that to what and where did that go wrong?
Why. Why. WHy.
What? More Info...
Liam Quinn
Liam Quinn
Bass/ VOX/

Liam has left in his van and travelled through douche-katoon, douche-St. Marie and ended up in douche Edward Island were he is perfecting the art of cooking mac and cheese...what a douche.
Gorgeous Gord The Ford
Gorgeous Gord The Ford
Band Van

Gord. She's not much to look at, but she's got a heart of pure gold, and a great personality. She's our big beautiful butchy baby.

Gord is the toughest van on the road today; no doubt about it.

Most people laugh at us and say we are crazy for driving a van like Gord, but she's faithfully hauled seven dudes, a full P.A. system, an oversized trailer, and eight flats of Pabst Blue Ribbon, not to mention all our gear, against unspeakable odds. Gord never flinched once through more than eighty shows from Tofino, BC to Winnipeg, MN. She's weathered three epic western Canadian tours through mountainous passes,West Coast Rainstorms and prairie blizzards; conditions that have ruined many a prettier van.

Gord is an extreme machine; she doesn't have one single part that is not absolutely essential to operation. No heater, no defrost, no dash lights, no insulation, and now, no sliding door (we all get out through the passenger side door). Hell, at one point we were driving her around without signals or windshield wipers; we were using part of a broken squeegie to make a little window of opportunity on the driver's side windshield.

Gord is our rallying point, our mother, our brother, our teacher and our fortress. From within her we've faced imminent death; watched the world roll by; scared the shit out of Medicine Hat cowboys; engaged in lascivious conduct; and consumed more alcohol, weed, and cigarettes than Hunter S. Thompson did in his entire lifetime.

At first we thought we had just lucked out and bought a really good van, but as time went on we realized something more was going on. Gord doesn't rely on traditional science-based methods of operation; she runs on pure punk-rock spirit. When she's on her way to a show you've gotta ride the brakes just to hold her back; she'll hit 60 without pressing the gas pedal.

The tougher the conditions, the harder she fights. After two tours, she got T-boned by a car that ran a stop sign. His car was a write-off; Gord came out of it with improved steering.

Gord doesn't give up. In Gord we trust.
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