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Here, you can listen to all of our music for free. If you like the music you hear you can buy, and download high quality versions of individual songs or the entire CD. All payments are handled through PayPal.

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Jams, Bootlegs and New Stuff

Random recording we would like to share with you. Be warned that sound and or/music quality may be poor.

Hello Carol Reggae
Halloween Chaos (Googley Eyes), On Lasqueti Island
Never Rest On Lasqueti
Kill For Your Flag
Tweaked Sax Dub
D&B Dub (rough)
Jam - Parliament Style Funk ( May 2004)
Jam - Egyptian Dub
Jam - Delay Should Be Louder
I Aint No Prospector ( Projects-era Debauchery)
Golden Pork Chop (recorded On 2004 Tour )
Gasoline Keeps Me Warm (may 2004 )
Sneaky Minor Jam-(Feb2004)
Dave Snow - Across The Universe (old)
Santana (feat. Amy Elderkin-Live At Jazzfest)
One In A Million ( Feat. Amy Elderkin Live At Jazzfest)
Dave And Brandon - My Aveline
Dave Snow - Iron Sharpening Iron
Jam - Epic Jamatee)
Rough It Up
Stream Album (5 tracks)
Rough It Up
(January 2008)

Price: $5.00

One Drop's Final EP.
Mixed By: Nev Gibson
Full Album Downloads Price Size Get
Entire Album in MP3 format $5.0042.41 MB
# Title Price Listen Get
1Location $1.25 listen
2You Know Jack $1.25 listen
317 Blocks $1.25 listen
4Quiet Nights $1.25 listen
5Al Anon $1.25 listen

To Hell In A Band Casket
Stream Album (17 tracks)
To Hell In A Band Casket
(August 2006)

Price: $5.00

The best of 2 years of recordings in our own studio. Chalked full of enough gems and flaws to keep anyone interested.
Full Album Downloads Price Size Get
Entire Album in MP3 format $5.00160.80 MB
# Title Price Listen Get
1These Are The Days Free listen
2Kill For Your Flag $1.00 listen
3One in A Million $1.00 listen
4Pushin Uf Os The Bus $1.00 listen
5Bill Collector Free listen
6Rich Man Poor Man $1.00 listen
7Golden Porkchop $1.00 listen
8Tweaked Sax Dub (Live Jam) $1.00 listen
9Hello Carol $1.00 listen
10Concrete Jungle $1.00 listen
11Hands Behind Your Back $1.00 listen
12Skavantasia $1.00 listen
13Keep Your Distance $1.00 listen
14Both To Blame Free listen
15St. Johns Waltz Free listen
16Never Rest (Live on Lasqueti Isl.) $1.00 listen
17Bullet I can't Duck $1.00 listen

One Drop
Stream Album (13 tracks)
One Drop
(February 2004)

Price: $5.00

One Drop's first studio album. A wild ride through more musical styles than you ever thought could fit on one album. Each track flows into the next so it's definitley to be enjoyed as an album.

Physical copies of this disk can be orderd from target="_blank">
Full Album Downloads Price Size Get
Entire Album in MP3 format $5.0098.58 MB
# Title Price Listen Get
1Rudy $0.75 listen
2Three Four Reggae $0.75 listen
3Big Bang $0.75 listen
4Hip Hop Tang $0.50 listen
5Look The Other Way $0.75 listen
6Never Rest $0.75 listen
7Someday $0.75 listen
8Never There $0.75 listen
9The Bloodshed $0.75 listen
10Gotta Relate $0.75 listen
11Rich Man Poor Man Free listen
12Rudy Dub $0.75 listen
13The Projects $0.75 listen

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